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Ittha Boutique Cafe
Ittha Boutique Cafe
Ittha Boutique Cafe
Ittha - Real Food is How Food Should Be
Art Gallery
Real food is how food should be


An iconic cozy space hidden deep in a quiet Sukhumvit alley. This is where ideas are groomed, body and soul are healed through real food and toxic-free lifestyle.

Among the food we consume each day, how much of it is real food? Everyday, we eat food from ingredients added with lab-invented additives from factory with very complicated labels. But really, how many labels really tell us about how real the food is? They tell us amount of calories, proteins, carbs or minerals we get per serving. They also tell us they contain artificial flavours and colors and many other additives. Seem honest, but what are they really? Do we really know what they do to our bodies? Short term? Long term?

This is what real food is about. It's about using toxic and chemical free ingredients. The food should also be less processed and the process should be fairly simple: grinding, boiling, baking, frying, cooling and such. The final product served to us should only or almost 100% contain real non-lab-created ingredients. Yes, real food is simple yet authentic, flavorful and is filled with real nutrients that our body can really absorb and use to their full potential.

This is what Ittha Boutique Cafe is all about.

Good food. Naturally delicious real food.

Because real food is how food should be.



variety of coffee and non-coffee to suit everyone in the party


all-day homemade real food from organic ingredients


homemade from organic and unbleached flour and cane sugar


a toxic-free life isn't a lifestyle but is essential to the living of us and ones we love

At Ittha, we want to practice toxic-free ideal in all aspects. So, food here contains no artificial flavoring and coloring, no preservatives, no emulsifier nor are there any hidden ingredients. We use unbleachd-organic flour and cane sugar, organic whole milk, pure Madagascan vanilla extract, real Belgian couverture chocolate Moreover, etc. Other product here also contains non-toxic ingredients. For all areas, including both indoor and outdoor gardens, we use no pesticides nor chemical fertilizers.  So, whether you're here for coffee, for real food, for spa, for workshop, or for a stay, our space is safe for all: our body, our children, our pets and all lives.

Yes, toxic-free life isn't a lifestyle and does not only promote good health, but it sincerely brings glows to our hearts as we get to share what we truly believe in with everyone at this place.

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meeting, studio, and creative stay

where real food is served

aroma crafter workshop and spa



we open everyday
from 8.00 to 17.00 hr

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our space provides entrance to wheelchair users

If you need to use the entrance for wheelchair, please let our staff know. A parking spot would be reserved for you and the side entrance with a ramp would be opened. A small home elevator is also available and reserved for wheelchair users, elders and pregnant women.


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