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Kalyakorn baking Ittha's signature Shokupan Loft



Real Food Movement has been a trend world-widely for a few years now. However, it’s not the trend that caught us because we started exploring into real food with much simpler yet more important reason; it’s the health problem of Kalyakorn, Ittha’s founder, that forced her to look insightfully into food and led us to change the whole lifestyle.

When we say health problem in this context, it’s not about having bad reactions to food like having diarrhea after a meal or having rashes with certain allergies people hear about regularly. In fact, Kalyakorn's health in relation to food goes much more intense than that. We’re talking about Kalyakorn flopping - almost faint like - on the table right during the meal. So, it’s unavoidable that she has to study her body as well the food she eats.

Months of observations led Kalyakorn to a very interesting assumption, which is that the more natural - meaning less processed and less additives or additives-free even - the more strength her body gains and the longer the energy lasts. Unfortunately, most food we consume everyday is not that natural. It’s usually highly processed and contains a lot of food additives - from flavoring to coloring, etc.

Hence, Kalyakorn started to explore more into what she later knew as the Real Food Movement, a lifestyle change that focuses on eating real-wholesome food. Food that has been grown/raised, cooked and delivered to our table through less process and is as closest to chemical-free as possible. We are talking about traceable coffee beans, organic crops, organic and unbleached flour and cane sugar, organic whole milk sent straight from the farm, puree made from whole fruits, food without artificial flavor or color, and ingredients that don’t contain preservatives or other additives that are cooked in simple process. In simpler words, food that is really food - food that is how food should really be.

Therefore, Ittha’s food and drinks always seem simple but tastes more authentic with more dimensions from real natural flavors, aroma, and colors of the ingredients. More importantly, good food would heal not just your body but also your soul.

But it's not just FOOD - we believe we should practice this ideal through all aspects. With such passion, we try our best to make Ittha as an all-rounded toxi-free space as possible. We do not use pesicides or chemical fertilizer. Food and products placed at Ittha are toxic-free. Therfore, you can trust that both food and beverages served here are 100% real food. Every tree and every area within and around the cafe is friendly to us, to our children, to our pets, and all lives.

This is what we believe in. This is what we want to share with everyone at this place.

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